Our most modern and fully automatic meander-production plant is able to fabricate elements up to a length of 5 metres. We exclusively process soft industrial copper tubes with diameters 10 mm and 12 mm, which are calibrated using special rolls and then bent to meet the relevant requirements. No matter whether its standard meander or sophisticated rhombic or trapezoidal shapes, practically all desired versions can be fabricated thanks to the special design of our machinery. Continuous checks guarantee a consistently high product quality.


ProfilbearbeitungProfile machining

The heat-conducting aluminium profiles developed by us are cut into the required lengths in our modern sawing centre. In quality control our main focus of attention is of course the quality of cut, because only non-existence of burrs can deliver a flawless final product. A wide range of products with profile widths from 40 to 90 mm enables us to fulfil the requirements of our customers in the most economical fashion.


SpezialklebebandSpecial Adhesive tapes

Unsere Our special adhesive tapes are processed exclusively using machines specially designed for this purpose. Special rolls and rollers consistently guarantee a precise and bubble-tight fixation on the heat-conducting profiles. All adhesive tapes are developed specifically for the relevant product criteria. Whether is it bonding of the climate control modules to acoustic fleece or bonding directly to metal or aluminium, we always ensure maximum adhesion, thermal conductivity and durability. All our adhesive tapes are toxicologically safe and food-safe.


hydraulische PressenHydraulic Presses

With the specially developed hydraulic presses we guarantee a "uniform compression" of our products. The preheated modules are embedded into the relevant ceiling systems using special dies and under constant pressure. This ensures an optimum and non-detachable bond between the climate control modules and the ceiling system, which also guarantees a perfect bottom view of the ceiling modules. The enormous flexibility of our machines allows us to process small modules for suspended gypsum plasterboard ceilings as well as large metallic ceiling canopies without any difficulty.


Verpackung und LogistikPackaging and Logistics

Whenever necessary, project-related packaging for our products is customized in our own pallet production unit. We can therefore ensure maximum safety of our products. Besides, we ascribe the highest value to a "building site - friendly packaging", which helps avoid high costs of transporting oversized and bulky packaging units to the construction site. When requested, our long-standing forwarding partners at home and abroad make our deliveries including customs clearance. It is also possible to arrange special transport services that meet all the individual logistic requirements such as lifting ramp or mobile forklift.