Product name: PV - KN
Manufacturer: Ecker - Heiz- und Kühlflächensysteme GmbH
Version: For photovoltaic – new plants

Cooling / heating element made of copper tube and heat-conducting aluminium profiles uniformly and permanently grouted in the rear side of the individual modules
Bonding: At the factory, using special weather- and heat-resistant adhesive tapes
Hydraulic connection:
With oxygen-barriered stainless-steel hoses

Technical Data

Pipe diameter: 12 x 0,60 mm
Width of heat-conducting profile: 60 to 86 mm
Pipe spacing: 100 to 150 mm
Reduction in the maximum temperature of the module: up to 15 °C
Weight of element: approx. 8 kg/m²
Cost-benefit analysis: is currently being worked out

Advantages over traditional PV-systems:
• Increase in overall efficiency by reduction in the collector temperature during the summer months.
• Increase in overall efficiency as there is an option to clear snow during the winter months
• Using the recovered thermal energy to support the heating system