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+++ NEWSLETTER +++ MD CU 76 L +++

MD CU 76 L – Heat- and Coolingregister

MD CU 76 L – This is the name of the youngest child in the cooling ceiling product family from Ecker GmbH in Wallerfing. The letter „L“ stands for „light“ and rightly so, because this heat conducting profile created by „roll forming“ is truly lightweight.

Optimation through reduced use of materials

Due to the ever increasing raw material prices, we now also have the price alternativeof cooling ceiling activation for our customer. High-tec machines ensure precision and the manufactor quality which we are known. We would be happy to advice and make you a non-binding offer – talk to us!

Technical Specifications

For open or closed metal-cooling ceiling
• Register made of copper-pipe 10 x 0,55mm
• Aluminium-rollformed heat conducting profile, black powder-coated surface, homogeneousely and permanently pressed into ceiling panels made of steel (mind. 0,6mm) on fully bonded acoustic fleece, at a component temperature of 38°C
• Profilwidth: 76 mm
• Specific cooling capacity according to DIN 14240 at 8 K: up to 84 W/m² active area
• Specific heating capacity according to DIN 14240 at 15 K: up to 125 W/m² active area
• Improvement in price/capacity ratio, compared to MDCU100L up to 10% less



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