Ecker Heiztechnik Kuehlflaechensysteme

Cooling surface systems

You will always stay cool with the
tried and tested cooling technology of
Ecker Heiz- und Kühlflächensysteme GmbH


Donation instead of gifts

Especially at Christmas time - what is more beautiful than a smile on children's faces, and also spend hope.


Traditionally, as in previous years, this year our donation was handed over to the Children's Cancer Aid Dingolfing-Landshut e.V.
Every year, the Children's Cancer Aid supports and looks after approximately 75 to 95 children and their families. The care and help is individually based on illness and therapy – families are supported also regarding the costs of homeopathy, osteopathy, etc., - so that there are no financial concerns added to the already big enough worries. Through the tireless volunteer work of the chairman and numerous helpers, the donations are passed on in full to the affected families.

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