Product name: HS
Manufacturer: Ecker – Heiz- und Kühlflächensysteme GmbH
Version: For metallic ceiling canopies
Heating element comprising copper tube and heat-conducting aluminium profiles grouted uniformly and permanently in the ceiling canopies made of sheet steel (at least 0.7 mm), on acoustic fleece glued all over, with a component temperature of 38 °C.
Using oxygen-barriered plastic and reinforced hoses


Technical Data:

Pipe diameter: 10 x 0,55 mm/12 x 0,60 mm
Width of
heat-conducting profile:
76 - 86 mm
Pipe spacing: 100 mm
Heat output conforming to DIN 14037 (15 K): up to 159,0 W/m²
Weight of heating element: approx. 8 kg/m²


Max. heat output conforming to DIN 14037 (15 K): 159.0 W/m²


References to the Diagram:

German Terms English Translations
Heizleistung in W/m2

Heat output in W/m2
Max. Heizleistung nach DIN 14037 für Metalldeckensegel

Max. heat output conforming to DIN 14037 for metal ceiling canopies
Temperaturdifferenz in K Temperature difference in K (Kelvin)